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NARA Insurance

Club secretaries are reminded that insurance premiums and affiliation fees are now due. You can contact our treasurer, Mr Michael Callaghan, at Virginia Road, Ballyjamesduff, County Cavan.

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Joe Keena,




Latest NARA Updates

The National Anglers Representative Association expects to run a Child Protection Training Course in conjunction with Recreation Angling Ireland on 18th July 2015. Whilst there appeared to be a lot of interest in this training uptake has been a little slow. We still have three places available on this course and if you are interested in participating please contact the secretary at This course will be heavily subsidised by NARA and participants or their clubs are being asked to contribute €20 towards the cost of this training. Lunch will not be included in the cost.


In early April 2015 Inland Fisheries Ireland ceased all pike control measures on designated wild brown trout fisheries. This is unacceptable to the National Anglers Representative Association who represent trout anglers. NARA and the Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland have been working closely to influence Inland Fisheries Ireland to resume pike control measures without delay. Several letters have passed between both federations and Inland Fisheries Ireland and a meeting of both Federations and the CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland took place on 21st May 2015. At that meeting the CEO informed us that his staff are working on a standard operational guidelines for pike control and that once these SOG’s are complete pike control will resume. The CEO was unable to give us an indication of the timeframe within which pike control would resume however he agreed to issue fortnightly updates to both Federations. NARA and TAFI are awaiting the first of these fortnightly updates and we continue to correspond with the CEO on this matter.

NARA has been working closely with our affiliated clubs to introduce bye laws to protect wild brown trout. We have been writing to Inland Fisheries regarding this matter since 2013 and we have also had a number of meetings with the CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland to discuss this matter. In March 2014 the public consultation process for bye-laws within the Upper Shannon Catchment commenced and NARA made representation on behalf of several of our affiliated clubs. We continue to maintain contact with Inland Fisheries Ireland and we hope that these bye-laws will be introduced shortly.

NARA has also been requesting the introduction of bye-laws for Bunnoe, Annalee, Dromore and Laragh Rivers since 2013 however there has not been much progress despite our efforts. We will continue to pursue the introduction of bye-laws on behalf of the clubs concerned.

In 2014 NARA requested the introduction of bye-laws for Lough Lein, Collinstown. We have written to the CEO requesting these bye-laws and we have also met with the CEO to discuss their introduction. There has been no progress with this request and we continue to pursue this matter on behalf of Lough Lein Anglers. We will keep the club concerned updated if we make any further progress.

NARA is concerned at the absence of any signage and the lack of adequate up to date signage at wild brown trout fisheries. We have met with the CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland to discuss this matter and we have also written to the CEO. In late 2013 one of our affiliated clubs received confirmation that funding had been provided to erect signage at the public access points to their lake. Unfortunately this signage has not yet been erected but we will continue to communicate with Inland Fisheries on this matter until we receive a satisfactory outcome.

NARA wrote to the CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland in May 2013 and we requested Inland Fisheries Ireland to carry out an audit of wild brown trout rivers within the state and to introduce measures to protect the wild brown trout populations within these rivers. We intend on following up on progress with this audit in the near future.

NARA and the other Angling Federations will meet with Minister Joe McHugh on Tuesday 23rd June to discuss the joint submission in respect of the review of legislation relating to the inland fisheries sector. We look forward to this meeting and we will keep you updated.

Exploratory talks between all of the Angling Federations took place on 12th June 2015. The purpose of these talks was to explore the possibility of establishing an independent umbrella body for all angling federations. This body would make representation and influence matters that are of mutual interest to all angling federations. NARA have indicated in principle that this would probably be in the best interest of our membership with certain conditions. We will keep you updated.